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Birthday Party Entertainment – Three Danger Signs You Should Watch For!

Hiring birthday party entertainment is a big decision! A good entertainer can make a mediocre party seem extraordinary! A bad entertainer can bring down even the most well planned event.Chances are you’re going to spend a fair amount of your budget on entertainment. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell up front who’s a seasoned pro and who is trying to make a quick buck off unsuspecting parents!Here are a few warning signs you should look out for when hiring a professional entertainer.Lack of Response to Emails and Phone Calls
A true pro who makes their living off of entertainment is going to want your business. It’s reasonable to expect a response back to any inquiry within 24 hours. If your entertainer is out of the office they should note this on their voicemail and set an “Out of Office” response on their email.Professional people behave in professional ways. No business professional in the real world would leave voicemails and emails unanswered for any length of time. It’s acceptable to expect that level of professionalism from your birthday party entertainment.Bad Grammar / Text Message Speak in Emails
This should go without saying, but any written communication from your entertainer should be free of major grammar and spelling errors. Nobody’s perfect, but it should look like they at least attempted to use spell check before clicking send.One of the worst offenses we’ve seen in recent years is “text message speak”. I actually saw the following in an email sent from an entertainer to a friend of mine planning their kids birthday party.”LOLz! How RU? We gonna have G00d Timez at ur kidz PAR-TAY! ;-) ;P”Emails don’t have to be Pulitzer Prize material, but they should at least be legible and professional.No Formal Contrac
Every professional entertainer uses formal contracts. These protect both sides by clearly outlining what is or isn’t expected. If you see an entertainer working without a contract, it probably means they aren’t professionals.Don’t be surprised when your entertainer requests a deposit at well. They aren’t trying to make your life intentionally difficult. Veteran entertainers tend to learn from experience quickly. You should see these as positive signs that you’re bringing on an entertainer with experience!