Free Hot Physical and Health Fitness Tips

The secret of a good and sound health is by taking proper care of the body systems and requirements, regular exercise and heeding to medical advice.

A good number of ailments on earth today are functions of man’s consumption (What you eat) and carelessness. Using migraine as a case study; usually caused by stress, sleeplessness, lack of adequate flow of blood to the brain e.t.c. may lead to stroke if aura (Visual Disturbances) is added to migraine. Although, this according to research, is common among women who smoke and uses oral contraceptives.

As earlier stated above, our intakes play a vital role in our physical and health fitness status. You will agree with me that, it will be a suicidal mission for a diabetic patient to increase the consumption of sugary products, starchy roots and fruits when he or she is expected to do away from its consumption in totality.

In summary, the following measure should be considered appropriate if one desires a good physical and health fitness condition:

1. Maintain a clean and tidy environment always
2. Determine your body requirements and give such to it as appropriate.
3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables – both are immunity against lots of ailments.
4. Try to know much about your body system e.g. when you need a rest, when to read and the appropriate time for all you do.
5. Try as much as possible to know your health status at intervals through regular medical check up.
6. When above 35 years of age, do endeavor to take your dinner on or before 7:00 pm.
7. Engage in light exercise on daily basis.

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